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Piešťany – Vienna = 140 km

Piešťany – Bratislava = 80 km

Piešťany – Budapešť = 170 km

Holiday and/or treatment in spa Piešťany – the famoust thermal spa in Slovakia.

Piešťany enjoys ten springs of natural healing sulphuric-carbon, calcium-sodium and sulfruric hypotonic thermal waters springs with temperature from 67°C to 69°C.

The second natural healing element is sulfuric mu done of the most effective thermal muds in the world.

The main following groups of rheumatic diseases are successfully treated here:

  • Rheumatoid arthrittis and its variations
  • Non-inflammatory joint diseases – arthrosis
  • Non-inflammatory spine diseases – spondylifis and spondylarthroris
  • Gout arthrosis
  • For more informations see : www.spapiestany.sk + www.pic.piestany.sk


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