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We are offering you 14-day stay with half pension and 20. cures at the price of 650.- €
The appartments SCHOTTE are equiped with two beds rooms and with WC + shower + with full
equiped kitchen.
Every appartment is equiped by TV/SAT.
There is the possilility of : relaxing in the small garden
safety parking in the areal
Price for one double bedroom for one night = 40.- €




Meals are delivered and served right into your apartment or weekend house to the dining room.
Additional expenses: City tax for accommodation (spa utility ..) is 1,50€ / 1.person./night except

Payment for the stay + city tax for accommodation, will be payed in cash on arrival.

Remember: a 45-minute stay in salt cave is the same as a 3-day stay at sea!

In case of serious interest in one of our offers, please contact us on the above telephone number, best daily after 20 o´clock, to check if your desired timeframe is still available. If so, please send us the filled out form: "Reservation request for spa stay" by email or by fax.

As soon as we determine 50% of the price paid to our account, we will acknowledge it to you. This is also the booking confirmation of arrival.
Quartering is after 14 o´clock.
If you do not arrive or send no substitute, the advance will be forfeited in our favor.

account number: IBAN: SK3175000000004001889882
Account Name: Schott Eunika
variable symbol: Spa stay

Second supplement - the total bill for spa stay after deducting 50% deposit will be issued on arrival for payment in cash.

We look forward to meeting you and remain with best regards

E. Schotte + team.

We look forward to your visit!