• Piešťany

    Piestany is very important spa town, focused on treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and neurological diseases, which is known worldwide. Fundamental natural healing resources Piešťany are gypsum-sulfur thermal water with temperature 67-69 ° C and healing sulphurous mud. Piestany Spa is a city of parks, culture and social life, but also an important center for the development of sporting activities residents and visitors. Thanks to its location to Piestany spa ideal for hiking or biking. They offer a wide choice of leisure time - rest, recreation, diverse cultural, sporting and social life. Piestany Spa is one of the few places where you can realize almost all kinds of sports - from athletics to horse riding or golf.

  • Beckov

    The ruins of the castle is towering 50 meters high cliff above the village Beckov. Its history and legends attracts more and therefore is a popular tourist attraction. Beckov Castle attracts more tourists legends. One of them says that the name derives from the castle clown name Beck, for whom the Duke had the castle built Ctibor. Next turn, says that the castle lord threw a rock at his servant, that he him protecting her child killed his favorite dog. Servant in the fall of the rock cried out, that in death a year and meet the day. And as legend has it, precisely at this time, the castle lord viper sting and blind he fell into the abyss. For its picturesque beauty of the castle Beckov declared a national cultural monument, and its history is one of the most popular ruins in Slovakia.

  • Bojnice

    Bojnice castle is one of the oldest and most important of Slovak castles. The first written mention of the castle in 1113 in a document Zobor abbey. Originally a wooden castle and grew out of an old castle. Gradually over the 13th century it was built from stone as property Poznanovec family. End of the 13th century Bojnice seized by the magnate Matus Cak of Trencin, after the owners changed hands Bojnice as several noble families. Bojnice castle and estate were always royal property. According to the legends of King Matthias Corvinus took pleasure in Bojnice and would sit under the lime tree opposite the castle, which was named the King Matej Lime tree. The last owner of the castle, Count Jan Frantisek Palffy, a major private collectors. His innate and long term stays abroad grown feeling for art was reflected in the deliberate and systematic collection of art objects. Lock Count Palffy had done along the lines of the French Gothic castles in the Loire valley. Extensive neo-gothic renovation was carried out during the years 1889 - 1910 and changed the fortress into an enchanting castle. In addition to the castle every year waiting for exposure to visitors Bojnice castle and other attractions and surprises. One of them is the festival of ghosts and spirits, which since 1994 held regularly at the turn of the months of April and May The castle is connected to the black lady's reputation, according to which young Mr. Castle accused his wife of infidelity. To prove his innocence, jumped from the tower Hunyady stone ditch. Place of death in the depth but allegedly took off into the heavens, and were punished by malevolent relatives.

  • Trenčín

    Trencin Castle was the beginning of an important border fortress and seat of the county. Owned by major royal and noble families, of which he was most famous Matus Cak of Trencin. When the castle was taken by King Charles Robert, to address the castle international political issues. Its development is worthy kings and princes Louis the Great, Sigismund, Stephen and John Zápoľský. In L600, the owner of the castle became Ilesháziovci, later settled in the castle, the German garrison. In the 18th st. was destroyed by fire. Barbora palace and cannon bastion serves as a space for temporary exhibitions in Ľudovítovom Palace, an exhibition of old and cold arms of l3. century. - L9. century. We can find Gothic swords, oriental yataghan, cavalry sabers, Palas and halberds. The arms take up percussion and flintlock pistols, hunting guns, revolvers, and breech-loading needle guns. Najhonosnejšia most complete and is historically and artistically interesting special exhibition galleries Ilesháziovcov gender, which is located in the Palace Zapolsky. It contains nearly L00 oil paintings of l6.-l9.storočia. The palace is located Ľudovítovom exhibition of contemporary Slovak heraldic design. Visitors will take particular dungeon. On top of the castle towers in the area of ​​Summer is an exhibition of ancient history Skalky in Trencin. The castle is connected with the story of the castle well, which according to legend, Omar Turk dug for the monarch, to take his daughter Fatima.